Bienenweide® Gelb - Bee's Paradise rose

Bienenweide® Gelb

Semi-double rosette flower, 3 cm in diameter, with golden yellow petals with pink hues depending on the temperature. It blooms in small clusters. The flowers are very appreciated by bees thanks to their abundant supply of easily accessible pollen. Very re-flowering and resistant to diseases, self-cleaning, it has a delicate and compact growth, the lowest rose of the Bienenweide® line, reaches 50 cm in height and 40 in width. Selected before 2007 but introduced only in 2013 by Rosen-Tantau, it won the Silver medal at the Baden-Baden rose competition in 2013 and received an Honorary Award from the German Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Nature and NRW Consumer Protection for "particularly bee-friendly innovation in the rose range" in 2019.

Bienenweide® Gelb
Rose name Breeder Description
Bienenweide® Gelb Tantau Rosen Yellow patio rose very popular with bees. Re-flowering and very resistant to diseases
Price Weight
6,80 2,5 kg

vaso 1,5 Litri

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