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Buy the roses you like best and get them straight to your home! Have you seen something you like, a particular variety of roses that you would like to plant in your garden? Buy it now from our website and in a few moments you can give yourself the opportunity to grow the most beautiful varieties of roses on the market. Directly from the nursery, the roses will be sent to your home, in excellent condition and ready to be planted in the ground. Do not miss this opportunity: choose the roses you like best and give yourself the chance to grow some of the most sought-after roses! 

Hybrid Tea roses

The roses belonging to the hybrid Tea group are really numerous; they can be considered among classic roses and tend to be rustic and resistant, suitable for many contexts. Choose the variety you prefer to give color to your garden.

Climbing roses

Select the varieties of climbing roses that you like best to give a charming look to every corner of your garden and buy them directly on our website.

Shrub roses

Within the website you will have the opportunity to choose from a large variety of ground cover roses that will allow you to create beautiful and colorful garden corners.

Floribunda roses

Here is a wide selection of floribunda roses that will allow you to have a lush and flowered garden. Many different varieties for each garden to buy on and have delivered directly at home.

Rugosa roses

The rugosa roses are distinguished by their beauty and strength, which makes them perfect if you are after healthy and lush plants, capable of bringing a touch of beauty in every corner of the garden.

English roses

Discover which are the many varieties of English roses that you can buy on to give color and charm to your garden. You can receive them directly at home.

Roses of the Impressionists

The beauty and charm of the Impressionist roses enclosed in a special section of, to offer you the opportunity to buy the ones you prefer, receiving them directly at home.

Romantic roses

The prerogative of romantic roses consists in combining beauty, charm and fragrance of old roses with the best qualities of modern roses, such as prolonged flowering, good vigor and resistance to diseases and peculiar colours.

Patio roses

Visit the section in dedicated to patio roses, a variety appreciated for the magnificence of its flowering and its resistance.

Old roses

The Old roses are characterized by the fact of being varieties having origin before 1867. They are roses that are appreciated especially among the best rose enthusiasts.

Rambling roses

The rambling roses represent a peculiar family of roses whose fundamental characteristic is the resplendent flowering. They can be grown in the garden but also in pots!

Persica roses

A group of roses originating from Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia which have a peculiar central "eye" of a darker color.

Winterjewel® Collection

The Winterjewel® Collection is made of roses that can withstand winter temperatures up to -35°C

Edible roses

Edible roses, used to make jams and marmalades, the petals are used for tea, salads, different types of sweets, vinegar, sauces and spices