Rose Varieties

Rose Varieties

Roses are certainly among the most loved and appreciated flowers, known by all for the beauty and elegance of their flowers. There are many different varieties, which are distinguished by color, size of the plant and flowers, greater or lesser resistance to atmospheric agents and adverse climatic conditions. In addition to this, each species of rose has peculiarities that make it unique and recognizable. The charm of roses is also linked to the meanings attributed to them, the result of beliefs and customs consolidated over time and some beliefs that have amplified the charm and mystery that surround particular types of roses. In this section of you can read information about the different rose varieties that will allow you to deepen your knowledge in the field. You will get to know the colors that characterize the different types and small anecdotes that will make you love these splendid flowers even more.

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Multiflora roses

Ancient roses

Ancient roses are characterized by the fact of being natural varieties, not subjected to crossings and hybridizations that have changed their ...

Old English Roses

English old roses

With old English roses it is possible to set up spaces with indisputable charm, thanks to the particular blooms of these varieties and their ...

Hybrids of Tea Cherry Brandy

Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid Tea roses represent one of the types with the greatest number of varieties. They are modern roses and are often used for the beauty and ...

Loredo ground cover roses

Varieties of ground cover roses

The varieties of ground cover roses are numerous and with different characteristics. Let's get to know its main features in more detail.

Re-flowering ground cover roses

Re-flowering ground cover roses

Re-flowering ground cover roses allow you to have flowers and color for a long time, you just need to know how to keep them at their best. Here's ...

Features nostalgic roses

Nostalgic roses

The definition nostalgic roses refers to varieties that are known for their flowers that recall the shapes and colors of ancient roses, with soft and ...

Grow very remontant roses

Extremely remontant roses

Remontant roses are very popular due to the fact that they bloom practically uninterrupted throughout the season. Read all the information to know ...

Hybrid Tea Roses

Nursery with Tea Hybrids

Are you thinking that you would like to buy roses but you are not sure how to direct your search? Here are some tips on how to choose the Hybrid Tea ...

Climbing roses

Climbing roses

The climbing roses are an excellent alternative when the space available is rather limited. Read our tips for choosing the best rose for your space.

Colors Alpengluhen ground cover roses

Ground cover rose colors

Here are some interesting information for you on ground cover rose colors, a variety widely used to create flower beds and gardens. Read our tips.

Ground cover roses

Ground cover roses

Choosing ground cover roses means having a resistant and rustic variety, capable of adapting even in less than ideal climatic conditions. Here are ...

Rough wrinkled rose

Rough wrinkled rose

Read what are the main characteristics of the rough wrinkled rose, a particular cultivar that is characterized by leaves with numerous veins. Here is ...

Nostalgic Orange Aprikola Roses

Nostalgic rose colors

Nostalgic roses are characterized by being hybrids that recall the prerogatives of ancient roses. Let's get to know all the nostalgic rose colors ...

Scented English roses Lady Emma Hamilton

Scented English Roses

Thanks to scented English roses it is very easy to bring grace and beauty to your green space. These roses are characterized by flowers rich in ...

Garden ancient roses

Ancient rose gardens

Find out which are the most fascinating ancient rose gardens, where they are found and which varieties they have within them by reading this ...

Scented ancient roses

Scented ancient roses

Scented antique roses are among the varieties most appreciated by connoisseurs because they combine the refinement of antique roses with a perfume ...

Sale of old roses

Ancient roses for sale

Old roses for sale? Are you wondering how to buy old roses that are of good quality? Here are our tips for not making mistakes.

The Osiria rose

Rosa Osiria

The Osiria rose is a very particular variety that is characterized by abundant flowering. It is part of the Tea Hybrids and is characterized ...

Climbing roses

Climbing roses for sale

Here are some tips on selling climbing roses so that you have a clearer idea of how to buy the most suitable solutions for your garden.