- On your site there is a variety that I would like but that is not available. When will it come back?

Our assortment of roses is usually updated during the autumn period at the end of the potting of new productions; in the site, therefore, you will find available all varieties now ended indicatively for the end of November.

- How are displayed the roses that you deliver?

The roses are delivered in 2,4 liter plastic pots (12 x 12 x 20 cm) and are shipped in cardboard boxes 43 cm in height. The plants will be 20 to 25 cm tall and packed securely inside the box to prevent damages.

- Will the roses come to me already blooming?

Before the shipment the plants are pruned to a height of about 25 cm so every bud that exceeds this height will be cut, but depending on the time of year and the re-flowering capacity of the ordered variety, once planted the plant will usually return to flourish in a few weeks.

- When can I replant the roses you sent me?

Our roses are grown and delivered in pots, this allows the planting at any time of year, including summer. The delivery of potted plants also allows the customer to keep the plant in the container in which it was shipped for a few months after receiving it without compromising the development and / or quality of the rose if for several reasons it is not possible to plant the rose after its arrival. In the autumn, following the potting of new productions, during delivery, we will report to the customer any roses for which we recommend keeping the pot in arrival for the time necessary for a complete rooting in order to ensure the establishment of the plant itself.

- What is the height of the roses that will be delivered to me?

To safeguard the quality of the plant during transport (breakage of branches, buds, etc.) we prune the plants at a maximum height of 30 cm.

- Is it possible to order only one rose?

The minimum order is € 35 so if you want to buy only one rose you will need to include rose care products in order to reach this amount.

- How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are calculated at the checkout of the order.

- How much do they grow and when do roses bloom after delivery?

The roses, which are pruned to about 30 cm in height to preserve their quality, after about 20 days from delivery, will again be in bloom and, depending on the type, by the end of the year they will reach 60 - 120 cm; for climbing varieties with cultivation conditions and favorable exposures, growth may be greater.