Diseases Rose

Diseases Rose

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Diseases rose leaves

Rose leaf diseases

Rose leaf diseases: find out what are the most common problems that can attack the leaves of roses and what are the methods to effectively combat ...

Anthracnose of roses

Anthracnose on the rose

Anthracnose on the rose can cause serious damage to the plant and a pathology deriving from the action of a fungus, the Sphaceloma Rosarum, which, in ...

Powdery mildew of roses

Powdery mildew on the rose

Among the many pathologies, powdery mildew on the rose is quite common, but no less dangerous. It is important to recognize the problem quickly, to ...

Downy mildew roses

Downy mildew of the rose

The downy mildew of the rose is a fungal disease due to the action of the sparse downy mildew fungus, guilty of affecting mainly the leaves of roses. ...

Nostalgic rose diseases

Nostalgic rose diseases

Knowing nostalgic rose diseases is essential to be able to intervene promptly, before the disease can seriously attack the plant. Read the ...

Rose scab

Scab on the rose

Among the various pathologies, the scab on the rose is one of the most common, but it should not be neglected. It should be recognized quickly to ...