Winterjewel® Collection

Winterjewel® Collection

Selected with the latest techniques of plant reproduction, all the roses of the Winterjewel® Collection share an important common feature: resistance to low winter temperatures. Our tests have shown that these roses can withstand temperatures up to -35° C despite their gentle appearance. They are available in various colors, they are re-flowering and have shown excellent resistance to diseases.

Based on their floral characteristics, we have divided our Winterjewel® collection into two sub-collections: Double and Semi-double.

Within the double flowers are found the colors pink, crimson-purple and light pink. Their full and appealing appearance makes them perfect for ancient looking gardens and borders.

The charming semi-double flowers bloom abundantly throughout the summer and autumn, they can be found in colors such as deep red, peach-yellow and pure white, and can be used in any garden, regardless of style and size.

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