Dolce™ - Bozreka023

Dolce™ - Bozreka023

These fully double, flat, well-rounded flowers have a 6 cm diameter and are composed of 61 cyclamen-red petals with a delicately fruity fragrance. Growing as an upright shrub with strong branches, it reaches heights of 40-50 cm. It is reblooming and moderately resistant to diseases and heat.

Selected by Pheno Geno, it is part of the Taste of Love® collection, which features edible roses ideal for culinary use. The petals of Dolce™ have a sweet red currant flavor, making them suitable for decoration. They retain their color well during processing, so they are recommended for use in pastries, such as rose petal preserves or rose syrup. They can also be added to salads for a healthy and colorful addition to lettuce or arugula. The petals can be air-dried and stored in glass jars.

Dolce™ - Bozreka023
Rose name Breeder Description
Dolce™ - Bozreka023 Pheno Geno Rose suitable for culinary use with a sweet red currant flavor. Delicately fragrant, cyclamen-red flowers.
Price Weight
14,10 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri

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