Mme A. Meilland ® – Gioia ® - Peace ® hybrid tea rose

Mme A. Meilland ® – Gioia ® - Peace ®

Renowned especially with the name Peace, it has been gifted to each of the 49 representatives that met in San Francisco in 1945 to establish the United Nations. Luminous big flowers (15 cm in diameter) display a combination of colours ranging from canary-yellow to a delicate shade of pink. One of the worlds most cultivated roses, grows to a height of about 80-90 cm, suitable for any use, displays generous bloomings until the first frost. Has achieved the A.A.R.S. , the most prestigious award in the USA, and has been entitled "The worldwide favourite rose". A classic.

Mme A. Meilland ® – Gioia ® - Peace ®
Rose name Breeder Description
Mme A. Meilland ® – Gioia ® - Peace ® Meilland The A. Meilland has wonderful bloom colours, ranging from pink, through yellow to white.
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