Celsiana – Damascena Celsiana

Semi-double flower, light pink and rosette-shaped with quite visible yellow stamens, 7 cm in diameter and composed of 9-16 intensely scented petals. It grows vigorous, upright, reaching 180 cm in height and 120 in width, greyish green foliage; it can be grown as a climber, it is not repeat-flowering but produces rose-hips at the end of the season. Selected before the mid-eighteenth century it was named after a famous gardener of the Parisian era M.F Cels in 1970; it is also known by many names: Abondante, Belle Couronné, Bifera Coronata, Cels, Cels à fleurs pleins, De Cels, Grande Couronnè, Incarnata Maxima, La Coquette, Mutabilis, Rosa damascena Mutabilis, Van Huysum.

Celsiana – Damascena Celsiana
Rose name Breeder Description
Celsiana – Damascena Celsiana Damask rose with light pink, strongly scented flowers
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