Thérèse Bugnet

This antique, large, double cup-shaped flower with an 8 cm diameter consists of 36 wavy and curving bright pink petals with a delicate texture, emitting a strong fragrance. It reblooms until the first frost and is unusually thornless.
Highly disease-resistant, it grows as an erect and vigorous shrub, reaching heights of up to 180 cm and widths of 100 cm.

The elongated and rather smooth leaves, atypical for Rugosa roses, are healthy, green, and semi-glossy. The flowers are suitable for cutting.
Therese Bugnet thrives in partial shade, in poor soils, and can tolerate both heat and winter cold.
It's an easy-to-grow rose that doesn't require pruning.
Selected by George Bugnet (1879-1981), a Canadian writer, who chose this rose and dedicated it to his sister in 1950 after 25 years of hybridization in the quest to create a rose that could survive the harsh winters of Alberta, Canada.

Thérèse Bugnet
Rose name Breeder Description
Thérèse Bugnet Bugnet Bright pink Rugosa rose, highly fragrant, reblooming, vigorous and nearly thornless.
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13,20 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri

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