Milly٠Winterjewel Bozmillwin

Flowers in clusters, semi-double, rosette-shaped, with a diameter of 5-6 cm, pure white, with visible yellow anthers. Incredibly rich in bloom, its beauty lies in the simplicity of the contrast of its flowers with large silk petals and the beautiful dark green foliage. It grows compact, well branched up to 40-50cm in height. Resistant to diseases and to the cold, it is suitable to the cultivation in pot and is ideal for borders. Selected by Pheno Geno Roses, it is part of the Winterjewel® Collection.

Milly٠Winterjewel Bozmillwin
Rose name Breeder Description
Milly٠Winterjewel Bozmillwin Pheno geno Small shrub, pure white colour, reflowering, very resistant to cold and diseases.
Price Weight
12,70 2,5 kg

vaso Vaso 2,4 Litri

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