Bienenweide® Bicolor - Bees' Paradise rose

Bienenweide® Bicolor

Introduced by Rosen-Tantau in 2013 this rose with the emblematic name Bienenweide = pasture for bees, has a simple flower 3 cm across, it has a pink colour with a white eye and yellow center, it is very resistant to diseases and has an incredible spring flowering and thanks to its compact growth, reaching only 60 cm in height, it is ideal for borders, balconies, pots. Loved by bees for the characteristics of the flower it belongs to the "Bee Paradise Roses" group by Rosen Tantau.

Bienenweide® Bicolor
Rose name Breeder Description
Bienenweide® Bicolor Tantau Rosen Captivating pink flowers with a white eye, very disease-resistant, attracts bees.
Price Weight
6,80 1,8 kg

vaso 1,5 Litri

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