Bienenweide® Rosa - Bees' Paradise Rose

Bienenweide® Rosa

Simple flowers with a yellow center of 3 cm in diameter filled with 8 pink-lilac petals, very repeat-flowering, with a slightly prostrate habit, reaching 70 cm in height. Very resistant to disease, it has dark green leaves; in its own right included in the "Bees' Paradise Roses" group, it has been selected by Rosen Tantau in 2015. Thanks to its remarkable features it has received numerous certificates of merit: in 2018 the first prize in Hradec Kralové; in 2017 the ADR; the first prize at the Bagatelle Rose Trials (Paris), the international jury prize and a certificate of merit in Lyon; in 2016 the best ground cover rose at the Barcelona Rose Trials and a certificate of merit in Le Roeulx.

Bienenweide® Rosa
Rose name Breeder Description
Bienenweide® Rosa Tantau Rosen A very floriferous and disease-resistant shrub rose, compact and with lilac-pink blooms
Price Weight
6,80 1,8 kg

vaso 1,5 Litri

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