The early thornless raspberry plants

Early raspberry without thorns

The early thornless raspberry is a rustic plant that adapts very well to loose soils rich in organic matter with acid or subacid reaction. It can also be cultivated in heavy soils as long as peat or coarse sand is added to improve its texture. To obtain good results we try to avoid the successive cultivation of the raspberry on the same soil. As for the climate and environmental requirements, the early raspberry can be grown in the central-northern regions from sea level up to 1000-1300 meters above sea level. It suffers from too hot and dry summers but also from excessively harsh winters. to plant these plants are the months of October and November, with more stable climatic conditions. Early pot-grown raspberries can be planted year-round without problems.

Early raspberry without thorns
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Early raspberry without thorns Buy an early thornless raspberry and enjoy growing it and getting some great fruit from these plants.
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