Eveline Wild™ edible rose

Eveline Wild™ - Boznatafra

Clusters of double, cup-shaped flowers, 6 cm in diameter, filled with 82 apricot-coloured petals with a pink-yellow tinge at the apex of the branches create the arched shape of this rose specially selected for use in the kitchen and presented in January 2019 for the IPM in Essen by the hybridizer Pheno Geno Roses. Healthy, resistant to diseases and very re-flowering, it grows up to 60-70cm in height. The silky and soft texture of its petals will melt in the mouth both fresh and processed. It is a perfect rose especially for confectionery but it also goes well with summer fruit salads or as a note of colour in different types of drinks.

The sweet fruity and floral fragrance of this rose is exactly what can enrich your sweets. It is suitable for growing in pots. The petals, in the fridge (about 5C °), can be kept for 10-12 days.

FRAGRANCE AND TASTE: fruity and floral with a delicate sweet taste

BEST USE IN THE KITCHEN: sweets and drinks

Eveline Wild™ - Boznatafra
Rose name Breeder Description
Eveline Wild™ - Boznatafra Pheno Geno Apricot coloured rose with a fruity aroma, ideal for use in sweets and drinks
Price Weight
14,10 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri

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