Nadia Zerouali™ edible rose

Nadia Zerouali™ - Bozedib021

Flowers displayed in clusters, double, with a rosette shape, 7cm in diameter, composed of 51 pale yellow petals that lighten with age and are bordered by pink in advanced bloom. It exhales a strong citrus fragrance and an aroma reminiscent of fresh lemonade. Of absolute value for use in the kitchen Nadia ZeroualiTM can be the coloured addition to meals in which lemongrass is normally used, since the taste is similar but with a much smoother texture and more cheerful colour. Excellent choice for garnishing fish and seafood, as well as salads and green drinks. Plant that adapts to growing in pots but needs good fertilizers for an ideal development. Very re-flowering, robust, it grows very bushy up to 80 cm in height. We recommend the collection of flowers before they lighten so as to have the greatest nutritional and aromatic content; the petals, in the refrigerator (about 5 ° C), can be kept for a maximum of 10-12 days. It was presented by Pheno Geno Roses as a novelty for 2018.

FRAGRANCE AND TASTE: refreshing taste of citrus and lemon

BEST USE IN THE KITCHEN: salads, Mediterranean cuisine, sweets and drinks

Nadia Zerouali™ - Bozedib021
Rose name Breeder Description
Nadia Zerouali™ - Bozedib021 Pheno Geno Light-yellow rose with an intense lemon aroma ideal for use in the kitchen
Price Weight
14,10 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri

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