Raspberry™ - Bozedib023 - Edible rose

Raspberry™ - Bozedib023

Double flowers, borne in free clusters, 6-7 cm in diameter with petals of a beautiful deep pink that give off a strong but pleasant fragrance reminiscent of fruit candies. Small shrub, well branched, suitable for growing in pots, grows up to 40-50 cm; healthy and re-flowering, it has a good tolerance to diseases. Since Rasperry flowers keep their dark colour, it is recommended to use the petals in pastry and especially for cooking; also suitable for decorations and salads. Once picked the flowers remain fresh in the fridge (about 5° C), for 10-12 days. The last rose selected by PGR for the Edible Rose Collection whose nutritional studies are still in progress will be presented to the public as soon as possible.

Raspberry™ - Bozedib023
Rose name Breeder Description
Raspberry™ - Bozedib023 Pheno Geno Rose with a sweet fragrance; it has deep pink flowers, healthy and ideal to be used in pastry
Price Weight
14,10 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri

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