Theo Clevers™ - Bozkatafra - Edible rose

Theo Clevers™ - Bozkatafra

With a delicate fragrance, this rose has flowers in tight, double, cupped clusters, 7 cm in diameter, made up of 138 pink petals with a silky and smooth texture. Optimal for organic cultivation, it is a very healthy and disease resistant rose. Medium well-branched shrub, reaches 70-80 cm in height; repeat-flowering. It adapts to cultivation in pots. New in 2019 from the Pheno Geno Roses hybridizer, thanks to the texture and colour of the petals it is one of the best roses to be used to create sweet delights. Numerous, but relatively small, the petals are also perfect for decoration, whether fresh or dried. The fresh petals can be kept in the fridge (about 5C °) for 12-14 days.

FRAGRANCE AND TASTE: delicate aroma of strawberries

BEST USE IN THE KITCHEN: confectionery, salads and drinks

Theo Clevers™ - Bozkatafra
Rose name Breeder Description
Theo Clevers™ - Bozkatafra Pheno Geno Rose with many pink petals, ideal to be used in the kitchen, it is very resistant to diseases
Price Weight
14,10 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri

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