Chocolate Ruffle's® - Floribunda Rose

Chocolate Ruffle's® - INTerchoru

Double flower, cup-shaped, diameter of 7 cm composed by 17-25 pale orange petals in the centre, rust-coloured on the outside and with ruffled edges; at the end of the flowering the edges become purple. Repeat flowering and slightly perfumed, it grows erect and well branched up to 50 cm in height and 40 in width. It has an average resistance to diseases; suitable for pot cultivation. Presented by Interplant BV in 2005; it is part of the Ruffle Roses collection.

Chocolate Ruffle's® - INTerchoru
Rose name Breeder Description
Chocolate Ruffle's® - INTerchoru Interplant Floribunda rose with ruffled flowers and various shades of orange; perfumed, repeat flowering and suitable for pot cultivation
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12,90 2,5 kg

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