Enjoy® - Floribunda Rose


Double, cupped flowers, 7 cm in diameter, composed of 25 apricot pink petals with a cherry edge. Carries 3-4 flowers per stem. Very resistant to diseases, it flowers abundantly and with a constant repeat bloom; it can flower in summer because of its high resistance to heat. Grows upright, well-bushed, reaches 70 cm in height and 50 cm in width. It is suitable for growing in pots and semi-shaded locations.
Introduced in 2020 by Kordes Rosen, it is part of the Fantasia® collection. It won the ADR certificate in 2019 and also won a certificate of merit at the international rose competition in Bagatelle (Paris) in 2020.

Rose name Breeder Description
Enjoy® Kordes Rosen Apricot-pink floribunda rose, very resistant to diseases (ADR 2019) and heat. Suitable for pot cultivation
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12,90 2,5 kg

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