Hansestadt Rostock ® floribunda rose

Hansestadt Rostock ®

The Hansestadt Rostock is a very vigorous and generous Floribunda rose selected by Rosen Tantau in 2004. Its bloom is medium, double, full (26-40 petals) displayed in clusters on the stems. The fragrance is moderate, grows as a compact bush to a height of 80 cm and a width of 50 cm; the foliage is olive green and medium sized. It's a vigorous plant as soon as it's planted and is also highly disease-resistant. Suitable to be pot-grown. It has achieved several awards: Silver Medal in Tokyo 2013; Gold Medal in Orleans 2012; Gold Rose and Gold Medal for the best Floribunda in Baden-Baden 2011; Gold Medal and Press Award in Paris 2011; Gold Medal in Monza 2011.

Hansestadt Rostock ®
Rose name Breeder Description
Hansestadt Rostock ® Tantau Rosen The Hansestadt Rostock is a Floribunda rose variety with apricot-yellow blooms that exhale a slight fragrance. This is a highly disease-resistant rose.
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