Jeanne Moreau floribunda rose

Jeanne Moreau

Large flowers (14 cm in diameter) of pure white color slightly attenuated by nuances of blue, the corolla shows a cup shape, very compact and rather full (90/100 petals), characterized by elegance that befits a famous lady of the French cinema, which is Jeanne Moreau. The plant blooms generously and continuosly until the first frosts and the foliage is dense and healthy, with branches that bear between one and three blooms each, and grows up to 90-100 cm in height. It exhales a strong fragrance with an aftertaste of fruity notes. The Jeanne Moreau - Meiaphaz has achieved several awards including the Fragrance Prize in Geneve and Saverne and the Silver Medal in Baden-Baden.

Jeanne Moreau
Rose name Breeder Description
Jeanne Moreau Meilland The Jeanne Moreau - Meiaphaz is another outstanding Floribunda rose, suitable for who is after simple and charming colours and a peculiar with us how to grow it!
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