Madame FigaroELrona - Floribunda rose

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      Madame FigaroELrona

      Double, cupped, globular flower, 9 cm in diameter, with moderately scented porcelain-pink petals. Re-flowering; it has a strong, bushy, erect growth, reaching 90 cm in height and 60 cm in width; if little pruned it can become a low climber reaching 250 cm. Healthy glossy, medium green foliage. Good resistance to disease; it was selected by Delbard and chosen to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Madame Figaro magazine in 2000. Marie-Claire Pauwels, editor-in-chief of the famous French women's magazine, selecting this rose intends to embody women of all ages in shape and colour.

Madame FigaroELrona
Rose name Breeder Description
Madame FigaroELrona Delbard Porcelain-pink floribunda rose, fragrant, very re-flowering and resistant to diseases
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12,70 2,5 kg

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