Marie Curie ® - Meilomit floribunda rose

Marie Curie ® - Meilomit

The famous scientist, Nobel Prize for Physics and Chemistry, gives her name to this rose that features a peculiar colour combination that puts together a light orange with a pale pink at the edges of the petals. The corolla has a petal count of 30-35 and is cupped, flat when fully bloomed, with a diameter of 9 cm, quite eye-catching against the dark green foliage, that is dense and disease-resistant. The plant grows to a height of about 60-70 cm and for this reason is suitable for borders and fragrant bushes that smell of cloves.

Marie Curie ® - Meilomit
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Marie Curie ® - Meilomit Meilland One of the most outstanding features of the Marie Curie rose is its unique spicy fragrance.
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