Michel Serrault ® - Meipicoty floribunda rose

Michel Serrault ® - Meipicoty

Big blooms (9-10 cm in diameter) with a turbinated structure, slightly conical, filled with 20-25 petals that open up in bunches of up to 5 corollas per stem, displaying a beautiful colour combination of yellow ochre with captivating, slightly dotted pink streaks. The plant grows to a height of about 80-90 cm and displays a green foliage that makes a nice backdrop to the lush and continuous bloomings that carry on until the first frosts. Excellent to create bushes or borders, it has been voted Rose of The Year in Monza.

Michel Serrault ® - Meipicoty
Rose name Breeder Description
Michel Serrault ® - Meipicoty Meilland A rose named after Michel Serrault, another great star in the history of French cinema. It features yellow-ochre blooms with pink streaks.
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