Niccolò Paganini ® - Meicairma floribunda rose

Niccolò Paganini ® - Meicairma

A rose dedicated to the famous composer and violin virtuoso, this variety has a very charming look, with the blooms that display a turbinated structure and a petal count of 35-40, with a deep red colour and gorgeous velvety reflexes. Each stem bears up to 12 medium sized blooms (8 cm in diameter), that stand out from the glossy green of the dense foliage. This bushy rose grows to a height of about 70-90 cm and is a perfect choice for borders and slightly scented gardens. It has been awarded with the Medal of Great Rose of the Century and with the Most Beautiful Rose of France prize in Lyon.

Niccolò Paganini ® - Meicairma
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Niccolò Paganini ® - Meicairma Meilland The Niccolò Paganini is a gorgeous rose that displays its beauty thanks to the bright red colour of its petals.
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