Orangerie ® - KORgeriora - Floribunda rose

Orangerie ® - KORgeriora

The flower is displayed in small, double, rosette clusters, 9 cm in diameter, made up of 125 delicately scented stable orange petals. Re-flowering and very resistant to diseases, it grows upright, well branched and compact up to 90 cm in height and 60 cm in width. Semi glossy foliage. Orangerie ® is suitable for cultivation in pots on terraces or balconies; it was selected by Kordes in 2006 but introduced in 2016, the year in which it won the ADR. It can also boast of: 4th Prize in Baden-Baden in 2017; Gold Medal in Kortrijk and Award for the most beautiful Rose in Hradec in 2018; Silver medal in the Glasgow competition in 2019.

Orangerie ® - KORgeriora
Rose name Breeder Description
Orangerie ® - KORgeriora Kordes Rosen Orange floribunda rose, delicately scented, re-flowering and very resistant to diseases
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