Stockholm™ floribunda rose

Stockholm™ Poulcas033

Floribunda rose with double cupped flowers that are 12 cm in diameter, filled with 60-100 white yellow petals that exhale an intense aroma and that bloom in bunches. Re-flowering and very resistant to diseases it grows very bushy up to 80-100 cm in height and width. Selected by Poulsen Roser A / S in 2001 it was presented in the Castle® collection only in 2008; it has won numerous awards: in 2009 the Gold Medal in Inagro (Belgium), Tokyo and Rome; Bronze medal in the Niigata competition (Japan), the best perfumed rose in Hradec; The Best Floribunda in Barcelona; Public Award in Orléans; Award for aesthetics and growers in Baden-Baden; Certificate of Merit in Belfast. In 2010 Bronze Medal in Gifu (Japan).

Stockholm™ Poulcas033
Rose name Breeder Description
Stockholm™ Poulcas033 Poulsen A floribunda rose with a yellow streaked white flower, scented and resistant to diseases
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