About Face - Hybrid tea rose

About FaceTM - Pride of Cheshire - WEKosupalz

Double, cupped, globular flowers, diameter 10 cm, composed of 26-35 petals, yellow-orange on the outside, with a dark red-orange reverse, fading to pink and yellow at the end; very scented. Repeat-flowering; it carries single flowers on long stems or in clusters that do not fade in the sun; very resistant to disease. It grows upright, well branched, up to 180 cm in height and 90 cm in width. Winner of the AARS (All American Rose Selection) in 2005; it can boast the prize for best hybrid Tea and the gold medal at the rose competition in Belfast in 2009. Ideal for cutting, it was selected by Tom Carruth in 2003 and introduced by Jackson and Perkins in 2005.

About Face
Rose name Breeder Description
About Face Weeks Roses Hybrid tea rose, with an orange-gold colour, fragrant, very resistant to diseases and repeat-flowering.
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12,90 2,5 kg

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