Arthur Rimbaud ® - Meihylvol hybrid tea rose

Arthur Rimbaud ® - Meihylvol

"Magic flowers droned. The slopes cradled him. Beasts of a fabulous elegance moved about. The clouds gathered over the high sea, formed of an eternity of hot tears."

To the poetry of Arthur Rimbaud is dedicated this rose, that strikes us with its delicious fragrance and the big salmon-pink flowers. This plant can be planted in many ways: from edging to single pots, from bushes to composite bunches. Grows up to 90-110 cm in height and 30-70cm in spread. Good resistance to frost and disease, very vigorous and with a classic look.


Arthur Rimbaud ® - Meihylvol
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Arthur Rimbaud ® - Meihylvol Meilland Discover with us the characteristics of the Arthur Rimbaud classic rose, to which the famous poet has dedicated a poem.
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