Chandos Beauty ® - Sweet love hybrid tea rose

Chandos Beauty ® - Sweet love

This Hybrid Tea rose has been selected by Harkness in 2005; its flowers are cream with a reddish center. The bloom is large, double and very full (more than 41 petals) with a diameter of nearly 11cm. It exhales an intense fragrance and blooms frequently throughout the season.

Can be used as cut flower and at the same time is suitable to be pot grown. The plant reaches a height of 100cm and a spread of 80cm, is very healthy and hardy with big dark green leaves.

Chandos Beauty ® - Sweet love
Rose name Breeder Description
Chandos Beauty ® - Sweet love Harkness The Hybrid Tea rose Chandos Beauty is a repeat flowering, with nicely scented cream colour blooms.
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13,20 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri

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