Donatella ® Meikenra hybrid tea rose

Donatella ® Meikenra

Rose with big flowers (12cm in diameter) formed by about 60 petals in a quartered form, slightly resembling peonies.

The blooms are of a light pink and luminous colour, the foliage is dark green and glossy.

The plant grows to a height of 80-120cm, blooming continuously throughout the season and displaying a single flower per stem.

Excellent disease resistance and a strong scent of May rose, can be used in many ways.

This rose has won many awards in Europe including the Gold Medal in Baden-Baden, The Hauge and Rome, and the Fragrance Award in Rouelx.

Donatella ® Meikenra
Rose name Breeder Description
Donatella ® Meikenra Meilland Beautiful rose with a light pink colour: a perfect gift for the ladies.
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13,20 2,5 kg

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