Mon Petit Chou hybrid tea rose

Mon Petit Chou

The Mon Petit Chou is one of the best Hybrid Tea varieties available nowadays, sought-after by whoever wants an extraordinary rose. Its pink colour is always luminous and quite unique and different from any other colour we are used to see, and makes this rose stand out amongst the bushes of our gardens. The plant reaches a height of 90 cm and a spread of 60 cm. The blooms are long-lasting, with a slight fragrance of artichokes. "Chou" in French means cabbage, but is also a nickname between lovers, making for the Mon Petit Chou a perfect name for a quite contradictory variety!

Mon Petit Chou
Rose name Breeder Description
Mon Petit Chou Kordes Rosen The Mon Petit Chou is a bushy variety that grows to a height of 90 cm. The blooms have a pink colour, are quite long-lasting and have a fragrance that resembles slightly the scent of artichokes.
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12,90 2,5 kg

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