Oh Happy Day ® - KORoligeo - Hybrid Tea rose

Oh Happy Day ® - KORoligeo

Double elegant flower, cupped, 9 cm in diameter, composed of 50-55 apricot petals with pinkish nuances, delicately scented. Very resistant to diseases and repeat flowering, it grows erect, bushy, up to 120 cm in height and 70 cm in width; lends itself to cutting. Selected by Kordes in 1999, it was introduced in 2015 after having achieved the following: in 2012 the First Prize in the Lyon competition; in 2013 ADR recognition; in 2017 the title of best tea hybrid and the Gold Medal in Belfast; in 2018 an Honorable Mention at the Hradec Kralové competition.

Oh Happy Day ® - KORoligeo
Rose name Breeder Description
Oh Happy Day ® - KORoligeo Kordes Rosen Large-flowered rose, apricot-rosy, re-flowering and very disease-resistant
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