Pierre Arditi hybrid tea rose

Pierre Arditi

The most evidence feature in this beautiful rose is without a doubt the pure and pristine white of its large blooms (14 cm in diameter). The flowers have a regal, classic form, very full and compact, formed by about 95 petals and blooms generously. The bush grows to a height of 90-120 cm and has a glossy, dense and dark green foliage; good weather and disease resistance. Suitable for any kind of use, the Pierre Arditi has a strong fragrance of peach, pear and exotic fruits exhaled by its big white blooms. It has achieved several awards, in Buenos Aires, Le Roeulx and Rome.

Pierre Arditi
Rose name Breeder Description
Pierre Arditi Meilland The Pierre Arditi is a Grandiflora rose that the hybridizer Meilland named after the famous actor. Excellent features of blooms and fragrance.
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13,20 2,5 kg

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