Pink Paradise ® hybrid tea rose

Pink Paradise ®

The Pink Paradise has been introduced by Delbard in 2011 but hybridized in 2004. It has wonderful bicolour pink-gold blooms, large, semi double with more than 40 petals strongly scented and rain-resistant. Grows upright, vigorous, to a height of 100 cm and a spread of 70 cm. Highly disease-resistant, it has a dark green, semi-glossy foliage; it has achieved several awards: Gold Standard 2012, Gold Medal in Geneve 2010 and in Baden-Baden 2010, Silver Medal in Barcelona 2010.

Pink Paradise ®
Rose name Breeder Description
Pink Paradise ® Delbard Pink Paradise is a Hybrid Tea rose with a strong fragrance and two-coloured pink-yellow blooms. It's a disease-resistant variety.
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