Prince Jardinier ® - Meitroni hybrid tea rose

Prince Jardinier ® - Meitroni

Big blooms with a pink-cream colour that exhale a strong fragrance of rose of May. The foliage is dark green and glossy and the plant reaches a height of 80-130 cm and a spread of 70 cm. Grandiflora rose with cupped blooms, 13 cm in diameter and 80 petals of a cream colour with pinky center. A solitary flower blooms on each stem repeatedly throughout the season. Excellent disease-resistance. Has achieved several awards including the ADR, the first prize of the SNHF rose and the Fragrance Award in Buenos Aires. It is also known with the name of Pretty Woman.

Prince Jardinier ® - Meitroni
Rose name Breeder Description
Prince Jardinier ® - Meitroni Meilland Prince Jardinier is a fascinating Hybrid Tea rose, with pink-cream blooms and a strong scent.
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