Rosenkavalier Kleiber® Daldirector hybrid tea rose

Rosenkavalier Kleiber® Daldirector

Big double blooms, cupped, of a cream colour with pink shades. A rose that blooms with upright flushes repeatedly throughout the season. Grows as an elegant bush with a glossy green foliage to a height of 90 cm and a spread of 69; strong and fascinating, the Rosenkavalier Kleiber will bring to your garden an incredible flash of colours: sometimes it will bloom up to 20 flushes at a time. Selected by Davide Dalla Libera in 2016, it has been named after the famous Austrian conductor Carlos Kleiber in May 2016, with a celebration in Casa Verdi in Milan attended by the sister, Veronica Kleiber, and many other musicians.

Rosenkavalier Kleiber® Daldirector
Rose name Breeder Description
Rosenkavalier Kleiber® Daldirector Novaspina Elegant and sophisticated Grandiflora rose, the Rosenkavalier Kleiber is a very healthy and generous repeat-flowering.
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