Warm Wishes® - FRYxotic - Hybrid Tea rose

Warm Wishes® - FRYxotic

Elegant, double, cupped flower, 14 cm in diameter, composed of 35-40 apricot-orange petals with a strong fragrance; the outer petals gradually curl. Grows upright, well balanced and reaches a height of 120cm and 70cm in width; medium green semi-glossy leaves. It is suitable to the cultivation in pots and for cutting; it was selected by Fryer before 1991 and is also known by the following names: Exotic®, Jolie Môme®, Luna di Miele®, Sunset Celebration ™ (in the USA). It has won several international awards: 1992 Silver medal and Fragrance Award in Le Roeulx (Belgium); 1993 Trial Ground Certificate of the RNRS (Royal National Rose Society); 1996 Gold Medal and Best Hybrid Tea in Belfast; 1997 Gold Medal and Gold Rose at the De Hague competition (Holland); 1998 AARS Selection (All America Rose Selection); 2001 Award of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

Warm Wishes® - FRYxotic
Rose name Breeder Description
Warm Wishes® - FRYxotic Fryer Very fragrant apricot-orange noble rose, re-flowering and disease resistant
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13,20 2,5 kg

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