The late giant blueberry

Late giant blueberry

The late giant blueberry is a variety that produces excellent fruit, both in terms of size and quality, with the great advantage of producing until late in the season. Unlike the early one, in fact, the late one gives its fruits 1/2 months later and ideal to be associated in alternation with the late one to have fresh blueberries available throughout the year.As regards the characteristics and cultivation needs of this plant , are the same as the normal giant blueberry. So choose a sunny area with a loose and acidic soil. If you have only heavy soils available, work them by adding peat or heavy weight sand. In summer and in the hottest periods remember to intensify the irrigation so as not to make the plant suffer.

Late giant blueberry
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Late giant blueberry The advantages and productive characteristics of the late giant blueberry, a variety capable of producing excellent fruits for a long time.
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