Buff Beauty old rose

Buff Beauty

Medium, double, strong-scented blooms in a rosette form and filled with 45-50 yellow-apricot blooms displayed in big bunches throughout the season. It tolerates warmer climates and semi-shaded areas; grows vigorous to a height of 150 cm but if prund as a climber can grow up to 300 cm. The foliage is lush, dark green; can be pot-grown. Selected by Bentall in 1939. For its excellent features it has been awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society with the Award of Garden Merit.

Buff Beauty
Rose name Breeder Description
Buff Beauty Bentall The Buff Beauty is a reblooming Old Rose variety that produces plenty fragrant flower with a yellow-apricot colour. If pruned as a climber can grow to a height of 300 cm.
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