Rose de Rêscht old rose

Rose de Rêscht

The Rose de Rêscht rose has been selected before 1900 (maybe in France in 1840); its blooms are small (they are similar to pom-poms), 6 cm in diameter, double, clear, and filled with more than 50 purple-crimson petals that exhale a strong fragrance; reblooming. It grows strong and healthy, thick and bushy to a height of 100-120 cm and a width of 80 cm. It is semi-shade tolerant; "Resht" is the transliteration of the Iranian city of Rasht, located next to the Caspian Sea. It has recieved the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Rose de Rêscht
Rose name Breeder Description
Rose de Rêscht The Rose de Rêscht isn Old Rose that displays small-sized blooms with a crimson-purple colour. Can be cultivated in semi-shaded areas.
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