Zwergenfee 09® KORzweenu - Patio rose

Zwergenfee 09® KORzweenu

Small, double flowers, 4cm in diameter, composed of 17-25 raspberry-red petals. Re-flowering, with flowers displayed in bunches, it grows erect, well bushy up to 40 cm in height and 30 cm in width; dark green shiny leaves. Excellent disease resistance for this patio rose ideal for large pots on terraces and balconies. Selected by Kordes in 2000, it was introduced in Germany in 2009 under the name of Zwergenfee 09®; in England as "The Rita Sullivan Rose"; in France as “Cerison”. In 2009 it won the Bronze Medal in Tokyo at the Japan Rose Concours, in 2012 it was named the Best Patio Rose at the Belfast Rose Trials, in 2013 it won the Gold Medal in Glasgow and the Silver Medal at the Australian National Rose Trials.

Zwergenfee 09® KORzweenu
Rose name Breeder Description
Zwergenfee 09® KORzweenu Kordes Rosen Patio rose, with a raspberry red colour, ideal for large containers on terraces and balconies
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