The remontant red raspberry

Re-flowering red raspberry

A beautiful raspberry variety, the remontant red should be the variety all berry lovers should have on the balcony. Rustic and easy to grow, it needs nothing but light, a soil rich in organic and acidic substances and the right amount of water. The reblooming red raspberry grows on loose and sub-acid soils but can also grow well in heavy soils as long as they are enriched with light peat and coarse sand to improve its structure.The reblooming red raspberry is grown from sea level up to 800 meters and usually its prolonged harvest compared to other raspberries. It grows best in sunny locations. To avoid the invasion of weeds and improve the microclimate of the soil, it may be a good idea to cover the ground with a tarp.

Re-flowering red raspberry
Rose name Breeder Description
Re-flowering red raspberry Start growing one of the best production raspberries on the market, the fantastic re-flowering red raspberry ... find out on this page
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