Panthere Rose romantic rose

Panthere Rose

A plant that stands out thanks to its natural hardiness, disease and pest-resistance and bad weather tolerance. The rounded buds open up in a charming full corolla filled with about 65 slightly corrugated petals that have a fascinating crimson pink colour. Blooms generously and repeatedly throughout the season with only one flower of about 11 cm in diameter per stem. When full grown the plant reaches a height of about 80-90 cm, with a dense, bronze-green, slightly matt foliage. This rose has won six medals, including a Gold Medal in The Hauge and the prestigious German ADR prize.

Panthere Rose
Rose name Breeder Description
Panthere Rose Meilland The Panthere Rose is a very peculiar Romantic Rose, with corrugated petals, a crimson pink colour and a very elegant shape.
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