How to grow floribunda roses

Grow floribunda roses

As you can easily guess from the name, Floribunda roses are roses with very special flowers and abundant and particularly rich flowering. The floribunda flowers are large, rich in petals and always very generous in flowering. Floribundas are born as varietiesà of roses in the 26-rsquo; 800, thanks to the discoveries of Andrè Dupont and the hybridizations carried out by this man and his collaborators. Crossroads after crossroads in fact Dupont gradually obtained varietà of roses more and more ugrave; new, selecting year after year the best hybrids for qualityà of the flower, vigor of flowering and vegetation, re-flowering and resistance of the rose to diseases and insects. Thanks to the intense work of these hybridizers and hybridizers that have succeeded each other over time, today we can grow floribunda roses of all types and with exceptional characteristics. For their cultivation we must follow the general indications for the cultivation of roses as there are no specific exclusive indications for cultivating floribunda roses, except for the single indications relating to the climatic characteristics that the hybrids need. In practice, in addition to paying attention to irrigation and exposure of the different roses according to their characteristics, the cultivation interventions we apply to floribunda roses are the same interventions that are done on other roses.

When to plant floribunda

Floribunda roses can be sold both in pots and bare root. The plantation of bare root roses può be made only during the vegetative rest and è più complex compared to planting in pots. However, the bare root roses, when the planting is successful, give appreciable results in less time, but the difficulty is severe; of planting and the high percentage of failure make it a method little used by hobbyists of roses. The plantation of roses in pots instead è più frequent among hobbyists for several reasons. Potted roses are available all year round in nurseries and garden centers, their planting &isgrave; possible throughout the 26-rsquo; span of the 26-rsquo; year and è also più simple sinceé è simply remove the plant from the pot and insert the earthen bread into the hole to cover the gaps with soil. Usually, if large rose plantations are to be created, bare root roses are used but if you only need a few roses, you almost always opt for roses in pots.

How to plant floribunda roses

Floribunda roses must be planted like other roses and some precautions must be followed during the construction and filling of holes or vases. In case we want to put the floribunda roses in the ground, we will have to open holes a few days before planting to aerate and mineralize the organic substances present in the soil. This practice, even if è little used, è very useful and gives good results even if it wastes time in più ;. Whether we want to put the roses on the ground, or we want to put them in pots, the filling operations are identical. First of all, a 2-finger layer must be placed, made with draining material such as gravel or expanded clay. On top of this layer we will put a base of soil and fertilizer on which we will place the plant. Finally, we will complete the filling of the empty spaces using some garden soil to which we will add some fertilizer. To finish the planting of floribunda roses we will then have to crush the soil at the foot of the plant well and crush the sides of the pot in case of cultivation in pots.

Irrigation floribunda roses

From the point of view of irrigation, floribunda roses do not need special precautions but the usual advice suitable for irrigation of roses must be used. Let's water early in the morning or in the evening, away from the lowest hours; hot and strictly avoiding wetting flowers and leaves. If watering the flroibunde roses we wet the petals we run the risk of scalding and immediately spoiling the flower.