The organic mineral fertilizer for roses

Organic mineral rose fertilizer

Roses, like all plants, need to be properly fed. Vegetable nutrition occurs perché the roots absorb the substances dissolved in the soil. When these substances are lacking, they must be added through fertilizers. Fertilizing roses può take place through organic or mineral fertilizers. The former are used for full-field roses; the latter, for potted roses. Recently, the practice of fertilizing roses with organo-mineral fertilizers is spreading. Organic mineral fertilizers are made through a mixture of natural substances and chemicals. The nutrients to be supplied to roses will therefore be partly made up of organic substances and partly of chemicals (minerals).

Why use mineral organic fertilizer

Organic mineral fertilization usually concerns roses grown in the open field. The choice of this fertilizer is dictated by the particular composition of the soil. Organic fertilizers, in fact, release nutrients slowly. In soils poor in nitrogen, this characteristic could compromise the future development of the rose, which is whyé it is preferred to use organic-mineral fertilizers composed of substances which are partially absorbed more than 26-ugrave; quickly from the roses.

Which rose fertilizer to choose

Organic mineral fertilizer for roses è usually a compound fertilizer with the following title: 15-6-5, where 15 è l’ nitrogen, 6 phosphorus and 5 potassium. This fertilizer is usually produced with the addition of two percent sulfur and eleven percent calcium oxide. These substances improve fertility 26-agrave; of the soil making più simple l’ absorption of other nutrients. Organic mineral fertilizer for roses è usually obtained by reaction of humid substances from which odorless pellets are obtained and to which chemical elements are mixed.

Methods and times of administration

The organic mineral fertilizer for roses should be administered in early spring and late August and mid-26th August; September. The quantityà of fertilizer must be calibrated according to the size of the roses. For small ones, 80-150 grams per square meter are enough, for medium-sized ones, 200-300 grams per square meter and for large ones, 400 grams per square meter. The organic mineral fertilizer for roses può also be used for the preparation of substrates in pots. This operation goes forò carried out at the end of spring, always considering the same quantities; views for early spring fertilization. The dosages remain the same even for autumn fertilization.