How to plant roses in pots

Planting roses in pots

Roses are plants that love to grow in the open field. However, it is not è It is always possible to have a land or a garden of propertyà ;. In this case, especially if you do not want to give up the beauty of the roses, you must necessarily choose the cultivation in pot. In this container, the roses are at risk of undergoing radical stress: the roots in fact tend to expand very much in width, which can be severe; hardly take place in small or unsuitable pots for this type of plants. By following some small rules and tricks è however, it is possible to plant roses in pots.

Vases for roses

The pot for planting roses must be suitable for the specific growth needs of these plants. For this reason, it is advisable to choose a container at least forty centimeters deep and sixty wide. The large size will promote healthy root development. The andrà vase; also chosen according to the roses that will be planted there. What should be considered è the volume of the container, which must be 26-agrave; be suitable for the development that roses will have after planting. For tall roses no moreù of forty centimeters, you can use jars with a capacity of three to five liters; for bushy roses about one meter more, vases with a capacity of about ten liters are needed; finally, for climbing roses, vases with a volume of fifty liters are needed. The pot for planting roses può be in terracotta or masonry, but è it is advisable to choose the resin one, which is more waterproof and more pleasant; suitable for keeping good water reserves for roses grown in sunny spaces on the terrace.

Preparation vase for roses

The vase for roses andrà first filled with a gravel or expanded clay base and then with specific soil for roses. To avoid water accumulation, cause of root rot, è it is good to place the pot not on a saucer, but on a suspended position, from where water can easily come out of the drainage holes.

Rose transplant

Potted roses should be planted from November to March. The plants are buried until the roots are completely covered by the soil. Then, the surface of the substrate is pressed lightly with the hands. After the transplant, watering is carried out and then the pot is placed in a sunny position. On the terrace, there is a greater risk of evaporation of the water, which is why 26-eacute; è better to use resin containers and perform frequent nebulizations on the leaves, especially in the summer. Potted roses should be fertilized after the buds appear. In this case, it is recommended to use solid fertilizers, preferably organic.