How to plant roses in the garden

Planting roses in the garden

The planting of roses è one of the activitiesà più exciting for gardening enthusiasts. Planting new plants means seeing them grow and bloom, but also embellish all those corners of the garden where they are planted. The planting or planting of roses requires però a certain experience and skillà ;, becauseé haste or blunders can compromise future results.

What roses to plant

The planting of roses involves the planting of two types of seedlings: those in ground bread and those with bare roots. Both can be purchased in the nursery, but in addition to the costs, these plants also have different modalities; development and soil preparation. Earthen bread roses are pot grown plants that are very easy to transplant to the ground or other pots. These plants, in fact, are gently uprooted from the pot with all the earth content. Potted earthen bread keeps the root system intact and does not cause stress to the plant. The roses in earthen bread, forò ;, must be cared for for a long time and è for this reason that their costs in the nursery are più tall. Bare root roses do not present planting problems, but the stress of planting could cause future damage to the plant. In case of long-lasting engraftment, bare root roses appear to give better aesthetic results, while those in earthenware tend to remain small and develop much more; slowly.

How to plant roses in pots

In the garden, roses can be planted in pots and in the open field. In the first case, a container must be provided that is at least eighty centimeters deep and that has holes for drainage. For roses obtained with the può cutting; even a vase thirty centimeters deep is enough. The potting soil must be of good quality; and it must be mixed with field earth. This mixture favors the correct development of roses. These plants però they are not very fond of growing in pots; they are luxuriant plants that need more space; wide. In the garden, therefore, it is better to plant roses in the open field.

Plant the roses in open field

The planting of roses in the open field must be done by preparing holes in time. These must be enriched with draining material and then left to air for a few days in order to increase fertility; of the ground. In case of roses in earthen bread, it will putà at the bottom of the hole, garden soil mixed with dry or pelleted manure. Then place the earthen bread and cover the empty spaces with more soil. In case of bare root roses, we will plant; the map in the center of the hole and then we will proceed; to fill with soil mixed with manure and sand.