The gardens of ancient roses

Ancient rose gardens

Ancient roses are those that existed before modern roses, that is, before hybridized roses at the end of the 19th century. It is varietyà spontaneous of rare charm and beauty. In Italy and in the world there are many lovers of ancient roses, who, out of passion, have dedicated their lives to the cultivation of these roses. Some enthusiasts, who have become famous today, have even managed to create museum gardens of ancient roses.

The garden of the buffalo

A famous garden of ancient roses is located in Valleranello, near Rome. Its creation is due to the architect Maresa Del Bufalo, a great lover of ancient roses. The professional has devoted half a century of her life to growing roses. In this garden you can admire many varietiesà of roses, starting from the ancestor of ancient roses, the dog rose. Grouped and arranged with elegant and refined architectural criteria, the ancient roses of the Del Bufalo garden make a fine show of sé with their extraordinary colors and scents. L’ architect Del Bufalo explains the virtuesù of ancient roses in numerous interviews, where you can also get useful information on the cultivation of these roses.

Garden Museum of the Ancient Rose

  The garden museum of the ancient rose è It was established in May 2003 on an area of 43 hectares, near the hills of Modena, in the middle of the 26th-agrave; road between Maranello and Serramazzoni. The aim of the museum is to collect and show the public many varietiesà of roses grown in nurseries. The cultivation and display of old roses took place only in 2004. Since then 3600 roses belonging to about 750 varieties have been hosted. In 2005 the garden museum è has become an international reference point for lovers of antique roses. The old roses grown in this garden come from almost all over the world.   The main paths of the museum garden are occupied by ancient roses, while the secondary ones, by hybrids created by man. Each rose è accompanied by a tag describing its characteristics. The Garden Museum, due to its importance, è been included in the circuit of the Great Italian Gardens. Anyone wishing to visit it can do it; do it every day from ten in the morning until sunset. 

Private ancient rose gardens

  Our territory è also full of private gardens of ancient roses. Ne è an example is that of the architect Del Bufalo. Even mere mortals can create beautiful old rose gardens. The più gardens; well-known and famous can certainly offer useful ideas to be reproduced perhaps in the home garden.